Marie Oyegun – Marketing & Graphic Design Services

Hello, I am Marie! I was born and raised in France, both in Paris and the Alps. I met my American now-husband many moons ago while he was studying in France.  We fell in love and I decided to follow him back to the USA in 2010. Since then, we moved around the country (Georgia, Connecticut, Alabama), got married, and finally landed in California 8 years ago where we hope to stay forever! We have two (almost three) beautiful children.

Digital Artist

I have always had a penchant for arts in all forms — drawing, painting, cooking, photography, etc.

As a kid, I would spend all my spare time drawing and painting.

As a teenager, I loved hanging out at art museums and spent a lot of time baking.

I earned a Master’s Degree in Global Communications in 2009, which has allowed me to work in many different fields and perfect my favorite aspect of communications: visual communications, or graphic design.

Working with Marie you immediately take notice of her great sense of design and style! I had the pleasure of working with Marie during her time at  Middlesex Habitat for Humanity, where we collaborated on a few projects. I was impressed with her ability to balance creativity and practicality. Marie  has a keen eye and a real attention to detail. Her work continues to impact Middlesex Habitat for Humanity.” – Sarah J. Bird, Nonprofit Executive

Marie is a stellar employee and I had the pleasure of having her on my development team several years ago. She is a dynamic communicator and strives for excellence in everything she does.” -Lucy Takahashi, Director of Annual Giving at Pomona College

Specializing in content and graphic creations, I accompany businesses with their visual communications needs, namely logos, brand guidelines, website design,  flyers and brochures, visual presentations, social media, and more.

olvebirds boutique logo made by Marie Oyegun
Equilibrium logo made by Marie Oyegun
magasin general logo made by Marie Oyegun
sightstick logo made by Marie Oyegun

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“I was fortunate to work with Marie for three years on the Chef Masters Culinary Event benefiting Alzheimer’s Family Center in Huntington Beach. […] At AFC, she handled all of the marketing communications,  documents, built and designed press and media kits, developed the charity messaging and marketing materials, worked on social media platforms and  handled investor, board member relations. Marie is a team player and worked well with her colleagues and outside professionals. […] Marie is driven, intelligent, responsible and organized. She greeted  everyone with a positive, warm, caring and friendly personality. Marie was absolutely amazing to work with and I highly endorse her for any position that will draw upon her skills and her proven record of contribution and excellence.” – Kristin Martin, Event Production & Management

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