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  • Pack 1: Glossary

  • Pack 2: Shop Page

  • Pack 3: Mini Website

Be considered a French Creators Form

Be considered a French Creators Form

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Our goal is to make sure people can buy your products!

The Glossary

This is the main section of our website. You get to search for the French Creators in any categories we’ve chosen! Each Creator gets a page to describe his brand and his products.

The Shop Page

If you don’t have a website, but would like to be able to sell a few of your products online (without having to deal with sales tax, credit card info, website bugs,…) Your products will appear on a French Creators Shop Page

The Mini Website

We will be creating a mini-ecommerce site just for you! You will have control on everything, we are just making it easier for you to use your website on your platforms.

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