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Hello. I’m Tiphaine. I’m a french watercolor artist. And I arrived 2 years ago from Paris to Berkeley in California. I offer my artwork for sale, customized commissions (houses, landscapes, urbanscapes, still life, wildlife), and I give watercolor classes in San Francisco Bay Area.

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Art & Culture – Fine Art

First, I studied watercolor as a hobby and I really enjoyed the specific creative process with an invitation to let it go between water and pigments. There is a random part and a fully meditative way to relax. I fully focused on watercolor since 2018 and I launched my professional activity when I moved to California in 2021.

My customers like my approach to colors, making a surprise with slight pink water, black&white parrot, and colorful tree trunks.

I also give watercolor classes and people said:

“The workshop was really fun! Tiphaine is very talented and a great teacher, we were very proud and amazed by our paintings!”

My paintings experiment with the vibration of light thanks to the contrast between the white paper and the colors. My signature palette is colorful, bright, and contrasted as an invitation for joy and energy.

“Every week, it’s a pure excitement and pleasure to meet Tiphaine and learn watercolor. She’s a lovely, relaxed and flexible teacher who makes you feel comfortable and gives you confidence.”

With the French Creators platform, I’d like to promote my artwork, make a wish for a customized piece of art to come real, and connect with other french artists in the US.

Thanks to my watercolor classes, I give people the opportunity to discover the great creative process of watercolor!

watercolor painting, Paris

Paris Rooftops

12*16 inches – $380

Vue sur cour depuis les toits
Original watercolor

watercolor painting, zebra

A zebra at a glance

12*16 inches – $250

One of the fifth high-quality reproductions of the original china ink artwork on archival paper.

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